Grade: 3-5
Subject: Phys Ed

#2369. Pass the ball over head

Phys Ed, level: 3-5
Posted Tue Jan 26 08:14:15 PST 2010 by mohammed Asim Ghazi (mohammed Asim Ghazi).
Al-anjal International School, saudi arabia
Materials Required: cans --handball --court
Activity Time: 45 Minutes
Concepts Taught: passing the ball.

Name of Activity/ pass the ball over head
Concept/Skill Being Taught:
passing the ball.
Knowledge pass skills ( over --pass by one hand -- pass two hands ) .
Explain about rules handball
Suggested Grade Level for this Activity:

Materials Needed: cans --handball --court
worm up :running about court for 2 moments
general exercise :
( stand up .forward arms ) complete bending knees.
(sitting . arms back head ) forward walk .
Technical steps :
1-the student moves towards the arm that will pass the ball.
2-Stand on the left foot for right thrower and vice verse .
3-Setting the ball in the waist level before passing.
Instructional steps :
1-Performing the skill without the ball .
2-Throwing the ball up and catching 3m and 5m then , directing it to the wall .
3-Passing form the level of the waist right and left
4-Providing the trainees with a model ,either a student or the teacher to show the technical steps .
student perform skills (pass the ball over head)good perform
student know about pass skills .
student know rules games on handball .
Suggestions for adapting this activity for kids with disabilities
The lesson idea are appropriate for students in wheelchairs
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