Grade: Elementary

#2375. biographies...magazine

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Sep 12 20:35:20 PDT 2001 by pam gardner (
rfpatterson, arlington, tx
Materials Required: biographical book
Activity Time: 2 weeks
Concepts Taught: Research events/era of a particular historical figure

Assign research or reading of a historical figure

Students design a cover with the historical figure on the cover...(ex:LIFE magazine with Harriet Tubman) Cover should reflect appropriate year and a title that suggests that the person on the cover is the "Person of the Month" with exclusive interview etc inside

Provide a Table of Contents for the student...this will double as a project assembly guide.

Include a page for each of the following...

*Timeline of the Life of.......
*Interview with the character (ten pertinent questions that will tell the details of the characters life)
*Fashion for the era
*Interview with --------(someone who can give information about the main husband or someone who can give info in a manner that the character would not say about hisself.)
*Other in the news article....(ex:Civil War events as they would be in link with Harriet Tubman)
*Advertisements for product of the times

Have students report on their magazine after they have completed them....make a large timeline to show the complete class list of history ...look for characters who could have known one another...discuss events that were important links in history