Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#2376. contraction cars

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Sep 12 21:53:03 PDT 2001 by pam gardner (
rfpatterson, arlington, tx.USA
Materials Required: sentence strips cut into the shape of a mini van...
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: contractions

I introduce contractions by showing a "mini van" with the two words written on it...this is the same folding technique where the letters that disappear get folded under...except...i explain that the mini van runs into a wall and it causes his car to become a compact car...thus the fold. After demonstrating this... I then explain that the only way to get the car back in order is to insert a "crow bar">>>the apostrophe...if you have a magnetic board these are easy to display. I explain that with the word won't the accident was so bad that the driver got "ill" and left the tire in its place. (o)