Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#2380. Apple Unit

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Sep 18 17:50:58 PDT 2001 by Kathy Miles (
Reedy Creek Elementary, Cary, NC
Concepts Taught: Integrated into all subjects

Our second grade has worked together to form a great Apple unit. I just wanted to share some brief suggestions. We've been able to integrated into all subjects and make it a thematic unit covering a variety of objectives.
Writing: We will use the complete writing process to write a descriptive piece of what an apple tastes, feels, smells, sounds and looks like. On the first day we brainstormed every descriptive word we knew about apples. On day two we chose an opening sentence, 4 descriptive details, and a closing sentence. The next day we peer edited. The final day we wrote our final copies on apple prints.
Reading/Literacy Centers: We have set up Apple centers. 1-Apple prints. Cut the apples horizontally and you will get a star print. The children use these cuts to dip in paint and make different pictures with the apple prints. Then they write about what they've created. 2-Apple Season Books-children create their own books about what an apple tree looks like during each season. Children write, illustrate, and dedicate this book (Leave a teacher copy for help). 3-Apple Research Center-Place a variety of apple books with an apple questionnaire. Allow children to research through the books to find the different answers. CHildren love to be researchers! 4-Math apple center-have children find the circumference, how much the apples weight with pennies and a scale, it's height, etc.
5-Science-allow children to make a hypothesis whether they think their apple will sink or float and how many seeds it will have inside. Allow them to carry out the experiment (of course an adult is needed to cut the apple!).
Social Studies: WE are talking about maps and globes. To integrate Apples we are making an Apple Island and labeling our mountain ranges, rivers, prairies, etc. with apple related names (ex. Granny Smith Desert).. The children are required to make the island and include a map key and scale.
Of course throughout the week we read MANY apple books and discuss the process through which an apple tree grows. We also correlate this with Johnny Appleseed's birthday (September 26, 1774) and celebrate his birthday with an apple tasting day. On top of apples the children also learning interesting history about Johnny Appleseed. It is a load of fun!!!!!