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#2384. Consumer Action Scavenger Hunt

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Consumer Action Scavenger Hunt
Federal Consumer Information Center (US Federal Government), Washington, DC, USA
Materials Required: Consumer Action Handbook (print or web version)
Activity Time: Average 2 - 4 class periods
Concepts Taught: Helps students find useful consumer information.


GRADE: 9 -- 12


This is a short-term project that will help students find useful consumer information. Students will use the worksheet provided to search for answers on the Federal Consumer Information Center's (FCIC) Consumer Action Website or in the Consumer Action Handbook. This fun and dynamic lesson will provide young consumers with information and tools that will be useful the rest of their lives.


Short Term-
To develop an awareness of FCIC's web site and its usefulness
To utilize the Consumer Action Handbook (CAH) to solve consumer problems

Long Term-
To build student confidence as proactive and informed consumers


1. Access to the Internet to search the online version of the CAH, or a print copy of the CAH*
2. Access to e-mail or a telephone to obtain answers to some of the questions

*The answers to these questions can be found online or by using a copy of the print CAH. Call 1-888-8PUEBLO (that's 1-888-878-3256) 9 AM -- 8 PM ET, M -- F to obtain print copies of the CAH for your class, if you prefer to do the lesson with the publication.

1. Provide each student with a print copy of the Consumer Action Scavenger Hunt worksheet and ask him or her to answer the ten questions. Instruct them to go to the FCIC web site at and click on the "Consumer Help" link. Student can also access the Consumer Action Website directly at (access information provided at the top of the worksheet). Some questions require a two-part search, which the students will be required to search for information that will lead him or her to the location of the answer. These sections may require the use of a telephone or e-mail.
2. Randomly assign or let each student choose one question that will be the topic of his or her featurette. The featurette should include a summary of their answer, how they found the answer, the usefulness of the information to consumers in general, and how he or she might use the information in the future.

1) 8 a. m. & 9 p. m.
2) Answers include, but are not limited to driving record, type of vehicle, age, gender, place of residence, how many miles you intend to drive per year, completion of a defensive driving course, intended use of the vehicle, anti-theft and safety devices on vehicles
3) Certain door-to-door contracts for more than $25 that are signed in the home
4) State, county, or city Consumer Protection Division or the Better Business Bureau
5) Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, 13
6) Contact State Banking Authority located in the CAH for state-specific answers
7) Answers can be found on the FCIC's Consumer Action Website within the Corporations link or in the Corporate Consumer Contacts section of the printed CAH
8) Department of Justice
9) The National Park Service
10) U.S. Department of Agriculture, Meat and Poultry Hotline


Grade each worksheet for individual accuracy worth 60/100 points (20 total answers, each worth 3 points). The featurette is worth 25/100 points and the oral presentation is worth 15/100 points.

Fall 2001
For additional information, please email and write "lesson plan" in the subject line.


Visit the Federal Consumer Information Center's web site @ Click on the Consumer Help link or the Consumer Action Website link, or directly type in the URL ( Or use a print copy of the Consumer Action Handbook to complete the following assignment.

NAME: _____________________________ CLASS: _____
DATE: ____________________ SCORE: _____

1. According to the Federal Trade Commission's Telemarketing Sales Rules, it is legal for telemarketers to make telephone calls after _____ and before _____.
2. List four factors that insurance companies use to determine a person's automobile insurance rates. ____________________________________ _________________________________________________________
3. Cancellation rights provide consumers a three-day cooling off period to cancel what type of contracts? _________________________________
4. You had a new muffler put on your car and three days later it fell off in the school parking lot! The mechanic claims that you must have damaged it while you were driving and is charging you to reinstall the muffler. Where do you go for help? _______________________________________________
5. Your little brother is online all the time surfing, searching, and playing games. You're aware of the ways that kids can be taken advantage of while online and want to know more about protecting children's privacy on the Internet. What act protects them? _________________________
Until what age? ____________
6. What is the minimum age limit to open a personal checking account in your state? ________
7. List the name of four corporations that are associated with the Consumer Action Website and provide a link to their online privacy policy and contact information on their home page. (List the name of four corporations that provide a web site address if you are using a print copy of the CAH.) ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

8. You are the chairperson of your class service-learning project. The objective is to establish a list that will be presented to your city council of locations that are not accessible to people with handicaps and thus in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As the chairperson of the project, it is up to you to find out what are the exact standards of regulation according to the ADA. What Federal Department regulates the ADA and provides the ADA Standards for Accessible Design? _________________________________________________________
9. Your parents have given you the freedom to choose your vacation spot this year. You want to go camping in a National Park, but they will only agree to a place that has hot showers and horseback riding. List three National Parks that have at least these two resources. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
10. Everyone who ate hamburgers in the cafeteria yesterday is out sick today. What government agency do you contact regarding possibly contaminated hamburger meat? ___________________________________________

Write a featurette (summary of 40 to 60 words) using the information that you found for one of the above answers. Discuss how you found the answer, the usefulness of this information to consumers in general, and explain how you might use the information in the future.