Grade: Elementary

#2389. Patriotic wreath and poem

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Sep 29 19:18:06 PDT 2001 by Vickie Cooley (
Williams Elem, Viera FL
Materials Required: red,white, and blue paper
Activity Time: 30min-1hr.
Concepts Taught: Poetry

Patriotic Wreath and poems
Students will write a patriotic poem.
1. Brainstorm words on the board that are reflect the feelings of patriotism.
Example: freedom, respect, strength, rights
2. Students choose one word. This will be their title. Then they use the thesaurus to find synonyms of their word. I required at least three.
3. Students write a phrase that goes with their word or expresses their feelings of patriotism.
Strong, powerful, tough
Support and unite to fight threat

Students also traced and cut out 3 hands (red, white and blue). Some students wrote their words on the hands and one student even wrote the preamble to the Constitution.
I place the hands in a circle overlapping in the shape of a wreath. A small American flag was placed in the middle.
Students typed and printed poems on the computer. These were mounted and placed around the wreath.