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#239. Silent Ball

Games, level: all
Posted by Meighen ().
Materials Required: 1-3 beanbags or soft (nerf-style) balls
Activity Time: 10 minutes

This game is great for giving the kids--and you--a break from work and some quiet time.
A wonderful game for teachers on call (substitutes).
I've tried this game with grades 3 to 11, with great results.
Students sit on top of their desks and have to pass the beanbags around to one another. They are "out" and have to sit down in their chair if:
1. They miss catching a catchable throw.
2. They throw an uncatchable throw.
3. They talk or whisper.
4. They return a beanbag to the person who just threw it to them.
5. They neglect to make eye contact with the person they throw to.
6. They refuse to make eye contact with anyone so no one can throw to them.
Sounds like a lot of ways to get out, but it's really fun.