Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#2400. Character Education

other, level: Middle
Posted Thu Oct 11 07:38:21 PDT 2001 by Mr. Webster (Preacherman228@aol).
LMS, Birmingham
Materials Required: Note cards, pencils,
Activity Time: 10-15 Minutes

Directions: First the teacher will fill out each student a notebook card and will have characters on it.
(Ex.~ Mad, mean, ugly, nice, ....)
Activity: Pass out a card to each student. Tell each student in its ear to act that way(mad, mean, nice..) when he/she are to act.
Have a group of 2 to act like they are in the cafeteria and bump into each other with a tray. And, the other student will respond ( mad, mean , nice...) then, tell everyone to choose the correct responce that everyone should have had when the child bumped into the other child with the tray.

Object: Having the correct attitude and being kind.
The kids love it! In my Character Ed. the kids want ot play it everyday!If you would like more fun activites from me, E-mail me at: PREACHERMAN228@AOL.COM