Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#2402. Making fun Goo

Science, level: Middle
Posted Fri Oct 12 18:03:21 PDT 2001 by Mar (
St.Martins, Phila. PA
Materials Required: A plastic dixie cup each,a plastic spoon each,2 spoons of glue 1of water,and 3 dorax spoons full
Activity Time: anytime,usually afternoon.
Concepts Taught: Teacher pours 2 spoons of glue and one of water for each and also mixes detergent for students.

Making Goo

1.Tell students to make list of three sections:Glue solution,Borax solution,and Goo.Hand out dixie cups and plastic spoons.Tell students to put names on their cups first!

2.Go around and pour two of their spoons of glue in cup,then let a student go around pouring one spoon of water.

3.Tell students to mix it around and tell then to write descriptive words to describe what the glue and water looks like together in that column.

4.Mix borax.Pass some clear cups of Borax and tell them to write in the column under borax solution what they see.

5.Then, go around putting in three spoons of borax in eatch cup.Tell them to stir, and see what happens. (It takes a while to get the formula just right, so experiment at home first.)When they stir, it becomes strechy and gooey.Tell them to wright what they see and feel in the column under Goo.At the end of the day,give the sudents their goo to take home.

P.S. Add food colouring if you wish to.