Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#2407. Intra-School Pen Pals

Language, level: Senior
Posted Mon Oct 22 11:57:52 PDT 2001 by Patricia Evans (
Cincinnati Public Schools, Cincinnati, Ohio,USA
Activity Time: A week or more if successful
Concepts Taught: The students will write pen pal letters in Spanish to their classmates

Each student must write a pen pal letter but not sign it with the real name. The beginning letters must include where the student is from, the age of the student, a few things the student likes to do. They are supposed to disguise themselves in the letter so when the letters are exchanged between classes in the same schoool, no one knows to whom he/she is writing. The teacher will exchange the letters and keep a record of who is writing to whom. Each day there is a mail call and the students will write back and forth at least twice. After the second letter or more if it goes well, the teacher will have a pizza party so that secret pals can meet and greet. This prepares the student for email pen pals.