Grade: Elementary

#241. Fishing for words game

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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butte christian school, butte, mt
Materials Required: colored paper, fish pattern, magnet, flat washers, dowel
Activity Time: 15 to 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: phonetic reading skills

Using a fish pattern (4 to 6 inches),photcopy fish on
colored or white paper (not construction paper).
Make at least 30 fish. On each fish, write a word with
phonetic markings and draw a picture of the word if needed.
Use words that the child will be able to sound out. Glue a
metal washer on each fish and cover with plastic laminate
(clear contact paper). The word will be on one side of the
fish. Make a fishing rod out of a dowel and string, with
the magnet as a "hook" . To play the game, spread all the
fish on a table, word side down. The teacher directs each
child to take a turn fishing. If he reads the word
correctly, he keeps the fish.
If he reads it incorrectly, he must throw his fish back in the
"pond". At the end of the game, the child who has caught the
most fish wins and gets a prize.