Grade: Senior
Subject: Art

#2413. Meeting a short deadline in a day!

Art, level: Senior
Posted Fri Oct 26 13:10:41 PDT 2001 by linda Delengowski (
Camden High School, Camden, N.J. l8103
Materials Required: the usual stuff found in an inner city classroom: brokebn crayons, glitter, glue, paper in assorted
Activity Time: 40 min. periods
Concepts Taught: Group work/various art projects

The objective is to have a finish art project by the end of the day. First period draws the idea, second period adds something to the drawing, and this continues until the end of the day. I teach 6 classes. You can honestly say each work of art is a group pproject, yet the students work individually picking up where someone else left off. No one knows who worked on the art but the student him or herself. The end results are delightful. Success is always found, and when a sudden deadline is placed on the art dept. I know that by the end of the day I will have met the request with at least 20 different art designs completed. Try it sometime!