Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#2416. Alphabetical Order

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Oct 28 20:10:49 PST 2001 by Judy Baum (
North Elementary, Mountain Home, Idaho
Materials Required: Spelling words, or any words of your choice, written on paper for each student.
Activity Time: About 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Putting words in alphabetical order.

Write spelling words for the week, or review words, in boxes that are large enough for students to cut out and manipulate with ease. Theme words are great to use also. After cutting them out students arrange them on their desk in alphabetical order. When the whole class has finished, have students tell you which word was first, etc. as you write them on the board in the correct order. They learn quickly to look at second, third, etc. letters if needed. With the words written on moveable pieces, they are easy for the children to rearrange in the correct order. Much easier than erasing a whole list when a mistake is found. Students then take words home to practice at home, and to "teach" their family memebers. I ask them to keep all the words in a safe place at home so they can add the next set to them. They like the challenge of more words.