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#2418. Last Letter Game / Double Word Version

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Posted Thu Nov 1 20:51:18 PST 2001 by Evhen Smereka (
Labb - Smereka Cabinet Conseil, Victoriaville, Province of Quebec, Canada
Materials Required: None
Activity Time: 15 - 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Increasing Vocabulary

The amount of individual words stored in the human brain through listening is phenomenal. Most people are unaware of the number of words that, once heard, are stored for futur recall. This game is intended to serve as a warm-up exercise and aid in recalling these words.

The teacher writes two words on the board that both start with the same letter as well as end with the same letter (example: green - gain). The first student must then take the LAST letter in the teacher's word (N) and give two words starting with the letter N but thet must also end with the same letter. The next student then takes the LAST letter of the first student's words and gives two words starting with that letter but also ending with the same letter.

The following rules apply:
- Words starting with a capital letter are not
- Only the infinitive of each verb is accepted
- No slang is accepted

Example of game evolution:
green - gain
new - now
win - when
neat - not
thing - tag
gold - god
dim - drum
money - my
your - year