Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#242. Persuasive speaking

Language, level: Senior
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Sturgis-Brown HS, Sturgis, SD
Materials Required: library/research area with access to recent periodicals, Internet(if possible) and word processing
Activity Time: 5-7 class periods
Concepts Taught: writing, reading, speaking, critical thinking

Concept: The student will develop a persuasive argument concerning a serious social, political, or ethical issue that effects our world

Assignment: The student will develop a series of 4-6 open-ended questions to determine the audience type in the classroom. The speaker will then seek information that effectively challenges the audience to think, act, or believe in a manner that will solve the speaker's original problem statement.

Development of topic: The speaker will be required to present their argument(s) using the following three points of emphasis:
1. Historical background/the cause of the problem(s)
2. The effect upon society and/or the individual
3. The best solution for the problem and a call for action on the part of the audience

Summary: Following the presentation the speaker will re-submit their questions to determine if there was a change in the audience's beliefs. The speaker will then write a 1 page critique of their performance detailing the results of the survey and any cahnges in their audience.
Teacher tips: Provide encouragement to the students who seem lacking in conviction. Spend at least 1 class period going over the student's arguments with them to determine if there are any logical faults and/or holes in their evidenciary structure.