Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#2424. Corduroy

Literature, level: Elementary
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Brooklyn, NY
Materials Required: see lesson plan
Activity Time: 40-45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Emotions

By: Don Freeman
Grade Level: 1

Aim: The students will be able to name different types of emotions.

Behavioral Objective: After reading Corduroy, the students will be able to relate Corduroy's emotions to their own emotions in a 'feelings chart'. They will be able to relate feelings of friendship, acceptance and belonging.

Motivation: I will ask the students if they know what emotions are by asking them to name some types of feelings. I will then have students act out, as a class, different typed of emotions. I will then display pictures of different types of emotions and have the children read them out loud. I will give the children situations and ask them what their emotion would be if they were in that situation.

I will introduce the book, title, author and cover. I will have the children predict what they think this book is about. I will then read the book asking questions of emotions and see if they can predict what will happen next. At the end of reading the book, I will ask questions pertaining to what happened in the book.

Guided Practice:
We will create a "feelings chart". I will have the students think about different emotions they felt while listening to the story of Corduroy. A chart will be previously set up in three columns. The first column will include 6 events that occurred within the book. The second column will be of how the children thought Corduroy felt during these different events. The third column will be about how the children felt when they heard about these events in the story.

Independent Practice:
I will hand out a writing worksheet on the feeling of happiness. It will relate Corduroy's happiness to their own. They are to illustrate, color and cut out the bears.

I will distribute a homework worksheet where the children are to write and illustrate two of their favorite parts of the book.

I will end the lesson by having the children share their answers and experiences with the class.

-picture chart of emotions
-Corduroy book
-feelings chart
-2 worksheets

1. Assessment of students' knowledge of feelings and emotions.
2. Formal assessment of students' understanding through the feelings chart.
3. Formal observation of students' applied work through writing sample.
4. Formal evaluation of students' ability to complete homework activity.