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#2431. The Big Apple

other, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Nov 20 08:57:28 PST 2001 by Kimberly Riddle (
Arcadia Elementary, Spartanburg, SC 29301
Materials Required: research materials, apples, Measuring Tape, balances or scales, gram stackers, calculator
Activity Time: 1 week
Concepts Taught: Math, Science, Reading, Reasearch, Technology, Writing

This lesson can be done in groups.
The first group would read the book "From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs.Basil E. Frankweiler" and completeing a story map. They also could write letters to the author and explain their favorite parts and things they would change.
The second group would conduct research on New York. This ties in nicely with the story since the setting is in New York City.
The third group would conduct an experiment with apples. (The work sheet information is below) After all the groups are complete, have them find the class averages.
My students enjoyed these activities very much!

The Big Apple
1. Estimate the following.
The number of seeds in your apple ________
The number of normal bites it will take you to eat your apple _________
The weight of your apple in grams _____________
The circumference of your apple (the distance around the widest part of the apple) in centimeters ________
The number of apples in the class that have stems _______
The number of complete twists it takes to break off the stem (if it doesn't have a stem write 0) __________
2. Using the scale, weigh your apple in grams. ___________
3. Using the tape measure, measure the circumference of the apple in centimeters ________
4. Does your apple have a stem? ___________
5. If your apple has a stem, hold the stem in your left hand (don't let go). Then with the right hand, turn the apple clockwise and count the number of turns it takes to break off the stem. ________________
6. Eat your apple and count the number of bites it takes. (Keep track by using tallies.) ________________
7. Now weigh your apple core in grams. _____________
8. Subtract the weight of the core from the beginning weight (#2). This is the grams of apple that you ate. _____________
9. Use the plastic knife to cut the core in half short ways so you can get to the seeds. Count them. _______________
10. Write two paragraphs on the back. The first paragraph should explain shat conclusions you can draw from your data. The second paragraph should explain how accurate your estimations were. You are not limited to the number of sentences in each paragraph. You MUST include three details per paragraph, an introduction sentence, and a closing sentence. Each component will be worth 10 points. Each grammatical error will be worth one point. Watch out for careless errors! PROOF READ, PROOF READ, PROOF READ!