Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#2433. Math Jeopardy (5th grade)

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Nov 22 06:45:10 PST 2001 by Scott Shirley (
Student teacher, New York
Materials Required: A Jeopardy made game board
Activity Time: as long as you want.
Concepts Taught: Reinfore math skills

Anticpatory Set- The class will be informed that is a lesson in Multiplication facts.

Objectives-Reinforce the understandig and application of place value (ones, tens, hundreds and thousands)
-Reinforce the understanding and appliciation of regrouping when needed and adding it to the correct to the correct place.
-Reinforce the use of the comma when the number is four digits or larger.
-Reinforce and provide pratice reading large numbers.

Guided Practice: You have three multiplication facts on the board. They will range from the place value of tens (34 x 8) to hundreds (486 x 3) and the thousands (3,480 x 5) These probles will be solved by the class as a group.

Independent Practice: This will be in the form of "math jeoprady". There will be a game board that you make. It should have letters from A-E across the top of the board. and number values 100-500 going down the board. The class is then divided in to as many groups as you want. You call on a student and they pick a number and a letter value. (A for 100). The problem would be 45 x 4. The group has to solve the problem with the rest of the class. When that group has the answer, they check it with the rest of the class. If the answer is correct, that group gets the point value. The larger the point value, the harder the problem. The team with the most points wins.

Closure: "re-do" the objectivs. have a problem on the board, and ask what numbers get carried.