Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#2435. Squish Multiplication Game. (3rd grade)

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Nov 22 07:51:40 PST 2001 by Scott Shirley (
Student Teacher, Rochester, New York
Materials Required: Some cut out pupkins and math facts on them. They then go on posterboard
Activity Time: As long as you want
Concepts Taught: Review of Multiplication facts

Anticpatory Set- I'll tell the class that this is a math review game to reinforce their multiplication facts.

Objectives- Pratice and reinforce multiplication facts.

Model how the game is played. You then have the class in as many groups as you want. I did half of the class for each group. You'll want color coded cards. With numbers 1-12 (or how ever many is in the group. This will cut down on problems with "I want to go first." You'll have cut out pupkins on the posterboard, with a post-it note and a problem on it. If they get the problem right, they get 5 points (for now). Then they lift the post-it note, and if there is the word "squish" written on the pupkin, they lost all of their points. If it says nothing, then they keep the points. The team with the most points wins.