Grade: Middle

#2439. Making Hammurabi's Code real

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Fri Nov 23 10:17:13 PST 2001 by Joanne Green (
Harrison (6th grade), Stockton, CA, USA
Materials Required: 2 longish boxes, brown (or butcher)paper, magic markers
Activity Time: about an hour prep... 1 hour in class
Concepts Taught: understanding Hammuabi's Code

Using two boxes and a roll of brown paper, teacher constructs a pillar about 5 - 6 feet tall. I opened one end of the boxes and fit them together, one on top of the other, then taped them together using wide strapping tape. Then i covered the pillar with brown paper, keeping the sides as smooth and seamless as possble. A semi-circle for the top piece can be made by cutting cardboard to the desired shape and cover with brown paper.

After a lesson on Hammurabi's Code, I told the students that the class will now construct a "Code" of your own. (The name of my school is Harrison, so I had written "Harrisonabi's Code" on our pillar.)

I brought out the pillar and then distributed copies of the school rules to the class. I divided the class into five groups for the five sections of school rules represented. Each group was responsible for getting their part of the rules onto our pillar, using magic markers. Two students (volunteers who felt they were pretty artistic) were assigned the task of drawing the top piece, which was then attached to the top of the pillar.

This lesson plan went over so well that our "Harrisonabi's Code" now stands in the central hallway of our school. My principal was very impressed, and the students understood and could easily explain the importance of Hammurabi's Code.