Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#244. Multiplication Facts

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted by Kim Kane (
Fourth Street Elementary, Athens, USA
Materials Required: Flashcards for some of these, copies.
Activity Time: 5 minutes
Concepts Taught: Multiplication

There have been so many email messages concerned about multiplication facts.
This is a very important concepts, but teachers can only teach so much before
it is then up to the student to just flat out MEMORIZE!!!! Here are some
ideas our school came up with that we follow SCHOOLWIDE with facts!

1) We are strong believers that constant drill is a must! A lot
of people do not believe in this, but unless you have practice,
you can't be good at something. I have a couple forms of 20
multiplication problems (random), and I pass them out everyday at
the beginning of math. On my say, the students turn them over and
have one minute ( length decreases as time goes on ) to complete.
Then, pencils down. Students exchange papers and orally we go
over the problem/answer. I also do this with division facts!
Doing this every single day has really helped them. In fact, they
remind me to do it some days. By the way, after the first month
or so, I start taking grades for some of them.

2) There is a really good tape called Multiplication Rap. It
raps the multiplication tables, students love it! I've always
said... if you knew your multiplication tables like you know the
words to this song, you'd make a 100. Well, here's the solution
to that. We play this tape whenever there is a transition. Ex:
bathroom break, packing up for dismissal, rainy day recess.

3) There are other cute games you could play to inforce
multiplication tables.
a) Pair the students up. They put both hands behind their
backs and on their count, shoot out a number. The students
multiply THEIR number times THEIR PARTNER'S number, and keep
score! They love it!
b) Around the world students love. Take a student and pair
them up with the first person in the class. Hold up a
multiplicatin flashcard, the first person to get it moves to the
next student....and so on. The first student to return to their
seat has made it "around the world." (meaning they've beaten
everyone in the class at at least one multiplication fact.)

I hope this is what you were intending. I could always use some
ideas if you have any! Hope and wish you the best of luck!