Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Language

#2444. Letters in your name

Language, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Nov 27 20:40:50 PST 2001 by jem (
Materials Required: book binding.. 26 blank pages..two cover cards...markers
Activity Time: 5-10 minute at a time
Concepts Taught: letter and sound recognition.. name recognition..beg. medial ending sounds and letters

Make a cover sheet for your book titled.."What letters are in your name?" Label each page with one letter of the alphabet. Bind the cover and pages together with a book binding spiral, ring, or staple together. When ever you have a few minutes, pick out a letter and turn to that booklet page. Announce to the clas that you will be looking for that letter in their names. Hold up each name card one by one and search the name for the letter. If that name has the target letter, write it on the page. use two markers of contrasting colors. Write the name in one color, but use the other to write the target letter so that it stands out. My kindergarteners really love this game and cant wait to do a new page. We use last names too and names of faculty and volunteers as well. Keep the bok out and within reach because they love to look through it finding there own name and friend's names.