Grade: Elementary

#2450. Oral Commuinication

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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Concepts Taught: oral speaking, story elements (plot)


Many students with learning disabilities have difficulty with oral language. Many students with learning disabilities have trouble creating stories with all of the essential elements. This lesson will help the students practice their oral language skills in front of the class. This lesson should give students more confidence in speaking in front of others and working in a group with their peers. The lesson will give students a better understanding of the story elements through a visual representation device.


When given a story starter, the students will work in groups of four to develop a story including all five of the story elements discussed in class and read it aloud to their classmates.


To review the elements of a story, the teacher will give each student a card that has one of the following labels: characters, setting, problem, events, and solution.

The students will then find other students that have the same card. Together as a group, they will come up with a definition for the word on their card.

The teachers will ask one member of each group to neatly write their definition on the board, and the teacher will review the story elements with the class.



A card for each student with the label of characters, setting, problem, events, or solution on it
Oak tag
A Story spider for each student

The teacher tape oak tag strips on the board in columns. The will be three columns and there will be five oak tag strips in each column. The teacher will label each column in the following order: characters, setting, and problem.

LESSON SUMMARY: 30 minutes

The teacher will ask the students to ask the student to brainstorm ideas for each column. For example; characters- Scooby Doo, Mr. Smith, Ryan, Uncle Tim. . .)

The teacher will record an answer on each piece of oak tag in the column.

The teacher will divide the class into five groups of four students.

The teacher will take all of the oak tag pieces and place them face down in groups according to characters, setting, and problem. The teacher will ask each group to choose one piece of oak tag from each group.

The teacher tell the students they are going to wrote a short story about the pieces of oak tag that they picked. (For example a group could have Character- Mickey Mouse, Setting- Forest Grove Elementary School, and Problem- a broken arm)

The teacher will ask the students which elements of the story are missing? Events and solution. The teacher will tell the students that that is the part of the story their group will create.

The teacher will pass out a story spider to each student. The students are already familiar with the story spider so the teacher will review it. The teacher will tell the students that their story must include all five elements of a story.

The students will work in their groups to devise a story. The teacher will walk around the room and monitor their progress.

The students will tell their stories to the class.


The teacher will review the five elements of a story through a series of questions.


The teacher will collect all of the story spiders and review them in detail to see if each group included all five of the story elements. The teacher will also informally evaluate the students individually on their class participation and group participation.