Grade: Middle
Subject: Art

#2457. Advertising a new product

Art, level: Middle
Posted Wed Dec 26 21:20:40 PST 2001 by Marilyn Fingerlin (
Brighton Charter School, Brighton
Materials Required: Paper, markers, vidoe camera
Activity Time: 4 -1 hour classes
Concepts Taught: All facets of Advertising, design, video production

Mrs. Fingerlin, Art
7th and 8th Grades Advertising Project

Divide the class into groups of 3 or 4 students.

Product: Invent a fictitious product.

Objective: To convince the consumer that your product is the best. To get the consumer to buy it.


1. Packaging- create the packaging with paper covered boxes or pop can etc. . .
2. Tag line -- a catchy word or phrase to get the consumers attention
3. Script for video taped Advertisement
4. props for video taping advertisement

What I expect:
1. A finished product package.
2. A drawn and markered advertisement with wording
3. Video taped Advertisement.