Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#2459. The Seasons

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Wed Dec 12 16:02:09 PST 2001 by Aditi Rao ().
Cornerstone Academy,
Materials Required: mind
Activity Time: anytime
Concepts Taught: Just a calming poem

The Seasons
By: Aditi Rao

Dripping on the roof.
Flowers in the bloom.
Cozied up in a chair,
Reading a novel.
Chirps of birds,
Echo in the halls.
Spring is in the air

Cold sundaes,
Melting in the heat.
Lying on the beach,
Watching clouds roll pass.
Taking refreshing dips,
In the large cool waters.
Sipping ice cold lemonade,
While traveling to faraway places.
Letting the wind blow my hair,
Summertime has come.

Raking up the leaves,
Making a pile and jumping in.
Dressing up in merry costumes,
Filling up bowls with candy.
Saying trick or treat,
Laughing joyfully.
Sitting around with family,
Gathered around the turkey.
Cranberry sauce and loaves of bread,
Pumpkins and potatoes.
Joyful fall is here.

Snowy days,
Windy days.
Snowmen and reindeer.
Fir trees trimmed,
Wrapped presents.
Old Saint Nick,
In the chimney.
Time to say good-night,
For winter time is here.