Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Language

#2463. Alphabet Art from a-z

Language, level: Pre-School
Posted Mon Jan 14 00:11:00 PST 2002 by paige (
KIds Day Out Program - fours, San Antonio, Texas
Materials Required: variety
Activity Time: 10-20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Letter recognition, sound and shape

I carried this idea over from another school and several teachers, i have no idea where it orginated and its not even that original but i love it.

For every letter in the alphabet we do an art activity. I run copies on constuction paper of the letter either drawn in large black marker lines that the children trace with glue to apply objects, or i draw large block style letters that they apply the objects to the inside of the letter. I usually do both capitol and lower when i use the lines, in block style i just do capitol. which style really depends on what we are applying. As the year progesses if i do it in block style i have them cut out the letter as well. both ways work well and offer a nice variety. here are the things i have used and remember right now. of course these are just isuggestions you can come up with better ones im sure, and email them to me:)

a= applejacks - lines
b= beans, buttons, - lines
c = confetti, colors, cotton, cheerios, coupons
d = dots,dimes, doodles,dirt, -block
e= egg shells,
f= fruitloops, flour,finger paint,
g = gold/green glitter, goldfish,
h = hearts candies,
i= insect stamps or pictures,
j= jellybeans,
k= key, kites,
l=licorishe, luckycharms, leaf
m= marshmallows,
n= noodles, newspaper,
0- orange paint, orange print
p= purple popcorn,peas, penny,
q = quarters, q-tip,
r = rope, red paint,rings, rice, raisins,
s= stamping s things,
t = toothpicks, torn paper,
u= umbrella pictures,block
v = vegetable prints,valentines,block
w= wheel noodles, wood chips,wax paper, wallpaper,worms
x= ???
y= yarn, yellow,
z= zig zag ric rack, block