#2465. Name Game Activities

Building Blocks, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sun Jan 20 08:12:36 PST 2002 by elle ().
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Hello, I love using the name activities from the BB book. But I
only have 9 students this year so we go through our names rather
quickly. So I have had to come up with a lot of different
activities for their names. Some have worked well others have
not. Here is a list of my name game activities:

Names on sentence strips and names cut up so kids have to put
them back together. We do the cheer and interview and the

Photos of kids with their names made on the computer in different
fonts, each child gets a bag with a picture and that child's name
cut up and has to put it back together(we used this at a center

Sometimes I have done simple activities like saying "The person
with only one A in his/her name gets to be the helper or "The
person that has a T at the end of their name will be the helper
today, then we do the portrait of that person.

After Christmas we started the name game over again with their
last names. Same procedure as the first name game we did at the
beginning of the year.

Right now I am writing someone's name on the board backwards and
see if they can figure out whose name it is. They really like
this and are very good at it.

They have learned sooooooooo much from these name game activities
and I am really sold on the building blocks program/book of
activities. Out of my 9 students, 7 are starting to read simple
readers and recognizing sight words much quicker this year. This
was the first year I didn't do letter of the week, and to be
honest, I think the kids are learning faster than before. Of
course with only only 9 students they should be picking up things
faster with more one on one help. But I do think I will use this
process again next year. elle