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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#2467. Magic Schoolbus video "Busasaurus" worksheet

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Jan 20 11:07:43 PST 2002 by Sharon Estep (chrisprincess@juno.com).
Estep's Academy, Scottsburg, USA
Materials Required: Magic Schoolbus video "Busasaurus", worksheet handouts, pencils
Activity Time: 1/2 hour; to be completed during video
Concepts Taught: comprehension, memorization, dinosaur facts

Name: _________________

1. What do you call a fossilized dinosaur egg?

2. What is Ms. Frizzle's first name?

3. What Period in time, did the Magic Schoolbus go back to?

4. What kind of dinosaur did the class see first?

5. What kind of dinosaur stole Dr. Skeledon's egg?

6. Name as many plant-eating dinosaurs as you can from the video.

7. Are dinosaurs mean?

8. How do scientists figure out which dinosaurs were herbivores and which ones were carnivores?

9. Has anyone ever seen a real-live dinosaur?

10. Is it possible to go back in time?

Note to teacher: Watch video prior to class time, write all the dinosaur names mentioned on board for children to check spelling. This will aid in their answers.