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Subject: Language

#2468. "Green Grandma"

Language, level: Kindergarten
Posted Mon Jan 21 16:10:55 PST 2002 by Tina Iacobucci (misstiac@aol.com).
Hope Highlands Elementary, Cranston, RI USA
Materials Required: Poem on chart paper, 2 markers (green & gray), chalk/board
Activity Time: 4 days, 15 minutes per day
Concepts Taught: Capital & l.c. Gg, hard /g/ sound, color word "green", rhyme, counting, "more/less"

BEFORE: Print the poem and draw pictures of the snowsuit, hat, scarf, mittens and boots next to the corresponding stanzas.

Have the children discuss how they get ready to play out in the snow (what they need, who helps them, etc.) Introduce the poem as a rhyming poem called "Green Grandma". Ask "Why do you think the poem was named 'Green Grandma'?" After making their predictions, let them share other things they notice about the poem before you read it...(ie. both words in title start with G; simple sight words; 1 word is in all capitals...)

DAY 1:
Read the poem through once and have children share thoughts about the poem. After rereading it again, have children take turns circling the capital G letters (in green), and lower case g letters (in gray). Then together, count the number of each. Have a child print "G" and the number counted on the board, and another child print the "g" and that number. Let them find which letter has "more" and which has "less".

DAY 2:
Listen for words with the hard /g/ sound...
As they recall a word, point it out on the chart paper (or have a child do so). One child leads in a "chant" of the letters in the word ("Give me a G... give me an R... give me an E... give me another E... give me an N... What's it spell?" Everyone shouts "GREEN!") (Another child prints each letter on the board as the group chants.)

DAY 3:
Children can identify simple sight words & rhyming words in the poem. Review short /a/ sound using the word HAT. Have children take turns changing the first letter to make a list of rhyming words using the "__at" word family.

DAY 4:
Children draw themselves getting ready with the person who helps dress them, adding a sentence to tell about their picture.

"Green Grandma"

I have a green snowsuit.
Grandma made it just for me.
I said, "Thank you Grandma,
it fits me perfectly!"

I have a green hat,
and a green scarf, too.
Grandma said, "I made them
...just for you!"

I have 2 green mittens.
Grandma made them oh so fast!
In go my fingers...
and my thumbs go last!

I have 2 gray boots...
a gift from Grandpa Gene.
I wonder if my Grandpa
is sick of seeing GREEN!

(The poem was inspired by my Grandma Santilli, who my brothers, sisters and I affectionately called "Blue Grandma" from when we were little, because she loved the color blue! I used GREEN this time to teach the letter G. :)