Grade: all
Subject: Art

#2472. Edvard Munch Activity

Art, level: all
Posted Sun Jan 27 15:52:33 PST 2002 by Rachel Eckstrom (
St. Pauls Lutheran School, Omaha, NE
Materials Required: Mxed Media and Paper, Copy of the picture "The Scream"
Activity Time: One class period

Begin by introducing the artist Edvard Munch with some background of his life and style of painting (the two go hand in hand). You will need to especially focus on the painting "The Scream". Now for the fun part!

Using mixed media (crayon is probably the most effective) have students copycat the figure of the man holding his head in his hands, but the students must use a different background. I had some really cute results: the man in a hula outfit, on a deserted island with "Wilson" (from the movie "Castaway"), standing in the middle of a bulls-eye with an angry bull ready to charge him, etc. I did this with 8th graders, and the kids really enjoyed using their creativity.