Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#2475. Diagram Bee

Language, level: Middle
Posted Tue Jan 29 17:24:45 PST 2002 by Stella Plummer (
Northshore Junior High, Bothell, USA
Materials Required: White board and pens
Activity Time: One class period: Approx: 55 min.
Concepts Taught: Diagram Sentences

This is a lesson to do with students who have learned the basic skills of diagramming sentences.

1.Divide the class into two teams, ensuring that each team has both "weak" and "strong" diagrammers equally divided.

2.Have students number themselves off from one to ?. The "weaker" diagrammers should be the lowest numbers. The teacher is the "Diagram Bee" host. You should have 20 or more sentences written on a sheet of paper or notecards.

3.Call the first person from each team up to the white board. (The white board is divided in half with a box drawn right in the middle.)Next,You verbally say the sentence so that each team member is able to write it on the white board.

4.When you say "go", the students begin diagramming on their side of the board. The person to finish first draws a check in the box. (One team should have a red pen the other team a blue pen to tell who writes the check.)

5.The team to check the box first gets to explain their diagram to you. If it is correct, their team gets a point. If it is incorrect, the opposing team has a chance to "steal" the point from them.

6.If neither team gets the answer correct. The students at the board sit down and the next two contestents come up.

7.When someone gets the answer correct, both players sit down and the game continues with new players and a new sentence. As the game goes along, the sentences keep getting harder. This is why the those best at diagramming should be at the end of their team's number line.

Any questions please contact me via my email.

Try this in your classroom. The kids love it! The students enjoy diagramming under pressure. The team with the most points wins. Rewards are given at your own discretion.