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#2477. Flying Ghosts

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Posted Wed Jan 30 14:34:45 PST 2002 by Julia Ruppert (
Collective Arts, Twickenham, England
Materials Required:
Activity Time: 30 minutes

Flying ghosts

plastic cups (prepunch holes on each cups'bottom with a tack and widen it with a nail)
reinforcement stickers (the type used with ring binders)
sticks (chops sticks, new pencils or small branches will do)
white tissue paper
black construction paper
double sided tape
cello tape
straws cut to 1 inch pieces

Thread a piece of string through the hole and anchor it inside the cup with a piece of straw
Scrunch a sheet of white tissue paper
Stick a white 'o sticker' in the centre of the paper and make a hole inside the sticker's hole
Thread the tissue paper onto the cup
Cut the edges of the tissue paper to make them raggedy
Cut a face from black card and attach with double sided tape
Using cello take attach a 'flying stick' or hang on a window using a suction cup

The more you scrunch the paper the better it looks
You can also put an elastic band around the cup to make a neck

This project is easy with very spooky and impressive results. I originally designed it to be executed by children with special needs; however, the project is suitable for all children from preschool to grade 2.