Grade: all
Subject: Geography

#2484. Continental Rap

Geography, level: all
Posted Mon Feb 11 17:30:46 PST 2002 by M . Aubin (
Elm River Twp. School, Michigan
Materials Required: map of continents and pointer
Concepts Taught: leanring the names of continents

Using a pointer, I point to all of the continents on a map. Then teach the follow rap to the students>

Pull out the map, and what do you see,
Seven chunks of land, what can they be?
Africa, Asia, Antartica too,
When you get to Australia, there's a Kangaroo
And two Americas , North and South,
When you get to Europe, open your mouth
Spell continents, con-tin-ents CONTINENTS.

You can add claps and a big cheer at the end.
My K-6th graders love it...

I got this idea from my supervising teachern while student teacher...