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#2487. Recipe for Friends

other, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Feb 13 10:59:02 PST 2002 by Tandy Reifsnyder (
Page county Schools, Luray, Virginia
Materials Required: See materials Needed listed below
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Caring and Friendship

Materials Needed: Book What's the Recipe for Friends, Greg Williamson. Construction paper
with a Mixing bowl drawn on it. List of Adjectives- both positive and negative, written on
address labels. Words like hitting, teasing, whining, tattling, complaining, never smile, gloomy, politeness, patient, loyal, kindness, helpful, fun, supportive, sharing, dependable, caring, understanding, sincere, thoughtful, loving, honest, trustworthy, respectful. That should be enough words that everyone has an opportunity to play.

Anticipatory Set: With this month being February, and according to our Character Education
curriculum it is the month of caring- we are going to be talking about Friendship. We are going to read a book entitled What's the Recipe for Friends. First off who can tell me what a recipe is?
(Accept right answer or guide to correct answer). What kind of ingredients would we add to
make chocolate chip cookies? (accept flour,sugar, vanilla, chocolate chips, milk, water,eggs ect...) What would happen if we added pickles to our list of ingredients? It would ruin our recipe
wouldn't it? Well some bad choices we make will often ruin our chances of making friends too.
There are ingredients that go into good friendships and we're going to play a game to find out
which are good ingredients in our friendships and which are not.

Read story aloud.

Activity-Rip apart words. Read aloud to students and have them determine if they go into the
mixing bowl, or whether they belong outside the mixing bowl.

Monitor- Go over words selected and ? class as to their correct or incorrect placement in/out of
mixing bowl.