Grade: all
Subject: Mathematics

#2490. 3 Amigos maths game

Mathematics, level: all
Posted Thu Feb 14 00:51:44 PST 2002 by Joy Kitt (
relieving teacher, NZ
Materials Required: brains and kids
Activity Time: 5-10 minutes
Concepts Taught: basic maths facts

Have the children get into groups of 3. Two teams get up and face each other one behind the other so there are two children, one from each team with their team mates behind them, facing each other . The teacher calls out a basic facts question eg. 3x4, or, 6+9, or, 17-6 at an appropriate level for the students. The two team leaders call out the right answer as quickly as they can.(Ensure the audience knows not to call out) First to answer wins and goes to the back of their team, the loser rejoins the audience. the teacher calls out another question for the two new protagonists. It is played quickly like a quick-draw shootout. Once a team has all been knocked out they are replaced by a new team and the winning team reforms to face the challengers. The kids love it and will beg to play it.