Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#2494. Body keyboard

Computer, level: Middle
Posted Sun Feb 24 10:39:11 PST 2002 by Hilda Maria Arredondo (
Montessori School , Medellin, Colombia
Materials Required: Kids, prepared list of words using the home and upper row letters
Activity Time: 30- 40 minutes
Concepts Taught: Keyboarding

This game will not only prove that your students understand the functioning of the main keys, but it will allow them to reason and think logically.
You can do the lesson in two different ways: Making the letters and the main key (space bar, delete. . .) and have each student hold it as identification, or simply let the students remember their functions as keys from the keyboard; this way when you type using the body keyboard the word doesn't have the order you should you see on paper. If you want you can instruct your kids to step to the front in the correct order

The first thing to do is to instruct the students about the function and location of the letters and the main keys of the keyboard. I would use this lesson as a review of the concept

Using the home row and the upper row keys, assign a letter to each of the students. Do the same with the main keys of the keyboard. Have one student be the cursor.
Organize the students following the form and position of the keyboard

Have ready some words or sentences using the letters from the home and upper row keys.(start with the words) Avoid words with repeated vowels or consonants

The teacher will say "I like to type the word half" so the students representing the letters in the word half will step to the front. The cursor will immediately position himself or herself next to the letter f.
Now the teacher will say what happens if I press the backspace twice?
The cursor and the backspace will move next to the letter a.