Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#2495. Vincent VanGogh's Stary Words

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Feb 24 18:49:06 PST 2002 by Deborah E. McNish (
Spruce Street School, Lakewood, New Jersey
Materials Required: Film or Posters of Stary Night by Vincent VanGogh
Activity Time: Three 40 minute class periods
Concepts Taught: Language Arts/Art, Intrigrating the curriculum

Vincent VanGogh's Starry Words
Materials: 12X18 watercolor paper,
Pencils, erasers, thin-tipped markers, Mr. Sketch markers,
Lined paper, watercolor paints.
Procedure: Have the students enter the room with a projection of Starry Night on a screen. Tell the students that this is a picture of Starry Night by Vincent VanGogh. Tell them that you would like them to write a story about the picture. They may write from the perspective of being Vincent himself, one of the stars, the cypress tree, a villager, or an animal in the brush or the moon. The story must have a beginning, a middle and an end. After they complete the story, have the student sketch their rendition of the starry night. Using the markers, have the student outline the village and mountains then color them in using the Mr. Sketch markers. Have them only draw and color the village, mountains and the cypress tree. Their village may depict their story. Using their pencils, have them draw lines in the sky to resemble the swirls of Vincent VanGogh's Starry Night. Using the thin-tipped markers, have the students write their stories on the lines they drew in the sky. The words will swirl with the lines. Tell the students to change markers as often as they wish and to make their stories colorful like the dashes and swirls of VanGogh's paintings. The last step of this painting is to wash the painting using blue watercolor and make sure the students do not soak the paper to smear the lettering.
Time: Three 40-minute class periods
I used this lesson to integrate language arts and the art curriculum. This lesson may also be used for a lesson in Art History.