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#2499. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

, level: Kindergarten
Posted Fri Mar 1 14:33:07 PST 2002 by Kiki (
Cool Spring Elementary, Adelphi, Maryland, USA
Materials Required: Green Eggs and Ham book, 1 dozen eggs, green food dye, pan, bowl, spoon, plates & forks for each stu
Activity Time: one and half hours
Concepts Taught: predicting, writing, cooking, Dr. Seuss

This entire activity takes about 1 hours.
Read Green Eggs and Ham
Each student will predict whether they will like green eggs or not. Give each student a 4.5" x 3" white piece of construction paper. Model how to fold the paper and cut a circle. This circle will be their "egg". On their egg, they will write their name and either "yes" or "no" (whether they will like green eggs or not). Hang a piece of chart paper titled "Predictions -- Will I Like Green Eggs?" Make two columns -- "yes" and "no". Call each student up and tape have them tape their egg to the "yes" or "no" column. Count how many students said yes and how many said no. Which is more? Less?

Make green eggs. For 22 students, I make a dozen regular scrambled eggs and a dozen green scrambled eggs. (I make some of each so they can decide if green eggs taste the same or different than regular eggs). Each student gets about a tablespoon of each. After they eat the eggs, we look at their predictions to find out if any of them changed their minds and talk about how the eggs tasted.

Write and draw a picture: "Yes, I did like green eggs." "No, I did not like green eggs." BTW we wear our Cat in the Hat hats while we make the eggs .