Subject: Literature

#2502. Family Album

Literature, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sat Mar 2 07:47:02 PST 2002
Materials Required: A4 paper
Activity Time: about 3 lessons
Concepts Taught: teaching members of family to L2 learners

This lesson is aimed at teaching the names of family members to pupils whose second langauge is English.

The pupils draw pictures of their family - one member on each page. They may also bring in photos of their family instead of drawing them. The picture of the pupil appears on the first page and reads, "Michelle, Michelle, who do you see.... I see mother X looking at me". The pupils continue until they have included all family members, grandparents,pets, etc. The length of their books varies according to how many family members the pupil wishes to include in their book.

The books are personalized, as all the names of their family appear in it. The page before last might read something like this: "dog, dog, who do you see.... I see the Kushner family looking at me". On the last page the pupil draws a picture of their whole family together.