Grade: Middle
Subject: Art

#2505. Non-Objective Paintings (color schemes)

Art, level: Middle
Posted Mon Mar 4 16:25:30 PST 2002 by L Parker (
Artroom Activities: Color Theory
Cave Spring Junior High School, Roanoke VA USA
Materials Required: 3 pieces of 6" X 8" posterboard or tagboard, tempera paint and supplies, pencil, ruler, compass
Activity Time: 4-5 45m classes + critique
Concepts Taught: The student will identify and use analogous, complementary, and monochromatic color relationships.

1. Introduce or review "non-objective" ("non-objective" is a form of art that shows nothing recognizable - no houses, no trees, no people - just lines, shapes and color. ). Show master art examples.
2. Students will paint three (3) separate non-objective paintings; one each using analogous, complementary, and monochromatic color schemes.
3. Mount for display on one large sheet of colored posterboard or construction paper or separately.
4. Group critique - held to scheme? form?