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#2506. Any Subject... Vocabulary Relay Race!

Games, level: all
Posted Tue Mar 5 08:41:04 PST 2002 by DJM ().
St. Als, Grade 6, Jackson, USA
Materials Required: Overhead Projector, Transparency
Activity Time: your choice
Concepts Taught: Review of any material

When reviewing vocabulary terms for any subject area, I create a word search on transparency paper. I place this transparency on the overhead projector. I then divide my students into teams. I'll ask each team a question. For example in mathematics, "what is the term meaning a part of a line that has only one endpoint?" The team will have to answer the question. (ray) If they are able to do this, they receive one point. They then get to go for the bonus point. Here's how... they have exactly one minute to locate the term ray in the word search. They have to send a team member to the overhead to circle the word. The kids love this. It's a simple thing to do!