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Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#2508. Using Publisher

other, level: Middle
Posted Thu Mar 7 04:00:41 PST 2002 by james steward (
shoreham college, east sussex
Materials Required: DTP package
Activity Time: 3 weeks
Concepts Taught: Ethics/Nature

English Skills: Exploit choice of language and structure to achieve particular effects and appeal to the reader
ICT Skill: Explore ways to communicate, share and exchange information effectively
Grouping: In 2's or 3's
Time: 4 weeks

Designing a Web Page
This project allows you to create a 4 page website promoting awareness about an endangered animal(s). The site must be interesting and informative. Sounds/Pictures and text are available from the following areas.
Resources to be used:
MS Encarta
MS EncartaInternet
Scanner MS Encarta
MS Sound RecorderInternetC:\Program Files\Ms Office\Clipart/Pub60Cor

If you need to be assisted in how to use the above resources please come to the teacher as a group.

Your web page must allow readers to find information about members of the form easily.

You must include a page with related links to the endangered animal you are writing about.

A good website looks attractive and has a very clear, uncluttered layout. It helps readers navigate quickly between different features.

Perhaps one or two people in the group could take over overall responsibility for the design of the site (not necessarily content!)

Think about how you will manage the project; who will take responsibility for which parts of it? For example, research.

Will you have an overall editor checking how user-friendly it is and that it reads without spelling mistakes. You will need to spend some time planning before you do anything.

Page 1 is a homepage. It should include a welcome and contain some sort of banner with the name of your website on it. There should also be links to the other 3 pages in your website. You might want to include sponsors as well at the bottom of the site plus a way of allowing the user to e-mail you. This page may include some information of when you fictitious organisation first started. Remember I want it to sound realistic

Page 2 will be the story page which you can add whilst you work through the Wizard. This could perhaps tell some harrowing story about the plight of your chosen animal or you could give an example of how a celebrity has helped your cause recently. There should also be links to the other 3 pages in your website here as well.
Page 3 should be the related links page which should include links to other sites which are either sympathetic to your cause or are about other endangered species. You can add this page whilst you work through the wizard as well. There should also be links to the other 3 pages in your website here as well.

Page 4 should include a sign-up form which you can add whilst you work through the Wizard. This will allow the user to subscribe as a member of your organisation. You may want to offer a newsletter subscription as well. Please consider security issues on this page. There should also be links to the other 3 pages in your website here as well.

Other aspects:
You can include appropriate sounds/images and the designs of the pages are up to you but you will need to follow the wizards carefully. Please bear in mind the handouts you have been given. You must also be aware of the amount of time you are going to spend researching as the 4 weeks will go quickly. You also have to do the following!

Extension Activity

Compare what you have said with someone in your group. Do you have the same ideas of what makes a good website? Was there anything surprising about what you read?


Assessment will be made of the Website design as follows

0-5 marks on the use of colour in text/wordart/background/shapes
0-5 marks on the use of design layout -- higher marks will be awarded either for good alterations made of a template design or creating a design from scratch with user-friendly navigation tools.
0-5 marks on the content (written/sound/pictures)