Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#2509. Designing Publicity Materials for a New Band

other, level: Middle
Posted Thu Mar 7 04:05:24 PST 2002 by james steward (
shoreham college, east sussex
Materials Required: DTP/Word/Graphics package
Activity Time: 3-4 weeks

Project for 14 year olds

You are the Image/PR Consultant for a New Group called Popstars. Your personal opinions of the group need to be set aside as you have a job to do. Basically, you've been asked to design some posters, badges a web site and a CD-sleeve for the band and because it's taken so long to pick the band members (because they couldn't really sing - shhh! don't tell anyone) you've only got 5 weeks to design the materials before it goes off for publishing. AHHHHHHHH!

The following Instructions need to be followed:

1. You will gain brownie points with your boss if you really sell how wonderful the band is. There are 10 brownie point up for grabs for the marketing aspect! (in other words 10 marks)
2. Your materials need to contain a uniform logo. i.e. the same logo needs appear on everything, although it's size, appearance could be altered although it must be clearly visible on the publication.
3. The website only needs to contain 2 pages, although you could do more if you have time. The website needs to contain a tune as well on it. Information will need to be clearly visible and should not contain images - static or animated that distract the eye from the information presented.
4. The poster must be an A4-Portrait size.
5. The Badge can be any shape and will be cut up. It must not be bigger than 7cm in height or width.
6. The CD-Sleeve must include 6 songs on it and should include original artistic work (i.e. not taken from Encarta/clipart). The CD Sleeve needs to be 11.95 wide by 12.1cm High (x2) and needs to have a spine 0.6cm wide by 12.1cm high.
7. You must include a write up of your reasons for your designs and explain what packages you were using. Please include any changes you had to ideas you made.
8. You can use Publisher, FrontPage, Word, Paint and Photo draw to create your designs.

Marks will be allocated as follows

Overall marketability: 10 Marks
Poster Design: 10 Marks
Badge Design: 10 Marks
Web Site Design: 10 Marks
CD-Sleeve: 10 marks
Written work: 20 Marks

Proposed Layout for the Project:

Title Page


Proposed Designs

1. Drawn (6 designs --CD) ABCDEF (4 designs -- Poster) ABCD, 1 Design for the Website (2 pages long) and a Badge.
2. Chosen Favourite Designs
What do I think of my designs from an advertising point of view?
Which one will I use (CD/POSTER/LOGO)
How I created them (What packages were used)
Any problems encountered -- any changes made (i.e. couldn't make something transparent so I did something else)

3. How could I have improved the Designs? Using other Packages?

Finished Designs