Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#2520. What do you think happens?

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Thu Mar 21 18:07:42 PST 2002 by Dana Evans ().
Houston, Texas
Materials Required: paper, pen
Concepts Taught: Imagination

Students need to use their imagination more. That's why I found this little excersize in a book and decided to share it.

Have the students get out the materials. Then tell them to read the following.

Dana walked down the street to the small caf that was known for it's cappuccino delights. She stepped in and was greeted by Ruby Jones, a fellow worker at The Agency.
The Agency was a large organization that solved crimes. Private investigators were famous because of work they did at The Agency. Dana was new, but smart enough to know that when Ruby Jones invites you to lunch, you don't decline.
Ruby Jones was the best detective in the world and knew it. She always seemed to know everything and had private contacts that she never shared with anyone.
"Over here Dana." Ruby waved.
Dana walked over and took a seat across Ruby. She nervously set her bag down next to Ruby's and pushed a lock of hair out of her face.
"Hello Dana. How are you?" Ruby asked.
"Fine, thanks." Dana answered.
"Well, you're in luck today."
"I..I am?"
"Yup. You've got your first case. It's a murder."
"Wow! I mean, really?"
"George Hampton, the billionaire, was killed yesterday."
"How did it happen?" Dana asked.
"Don't ask me. It's your case."
And with that Ruby grabbed her purse and left the caf.

Dana picked up the pay-phone and pushed in a quarter. Her fingers jammed the dials with the numbers 777-2662.
"Mrs. Watson?" Dana asked.
"Yes, this is she."
"Hi. My name is Dana Gibson from The Agency. I'm assigned to the case of Mr. Hampton. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions."
"I don't know anything. I was just his maid."
"Still, if you don't mind. . ."
"All right. I'm heading towards the washeteria at Beacon Street. Meet me there."
"I'll be there."
Click! Dana put the phone and rushed over to her car.

Dana pushed open the door of the washeteria. The only other person inside was a lady in a white cotton sundress at machine #4.
"Mrs. Watson?" Dana asked.
"Yes?" the lady answered.
"I'm Dana, the one who called."
"I know who you are."
"Let me tell you first off that I didn't do it."
"I wasn't going to ask you that."
"Well, don't ever."
"So what did you want to ask me?"
"Firstly, why are you washing you're clothes here? Aren't you allowed to use the machines in the mansion?"
"Yes, but the police is not allowing anyone into the mansion because of the murder."
"When did you see Mr. Hampton last?"
"Tuesday morning, I delivered his newspaper to him. After that I left because I had to visit my sick cousin."
"So you haven't seen him for nearly a week?"
"Where exactly does you're cousin live, Mrs. Watson?"
"Out of town."
"When did you return from the visit there."
"Yesterday. Look, I need to go soon. Will that be all?"
"Yes, Mrs. Watson. That will be all."
"Good, my wash is done."
Dana watched as Mrs. Watson opened the machine and took out her load. She quickly stuffed it in a basket and disappeared through the door.
Dana glanced at the machine. The quarters were still in the slot, the machine was never on.
She picked up her cell phone and dialed the data specialist from the Agency, Mike McKluksky.
"Mike? It's Dana."
"Hi Dana. What do you need?"
"What do you know about Marie Watson's family?"
"Let's see. . .."
Dana held on to the phone as she walked out of the washeteria. She slipped her car key in the slot and got into it.
"Here we go. She's got two brothers and a sister."
"Any cousins?" Dana asked.
"Nope. Both her parents were only children."
"Thanks, that's all."

Next, have the kids talk in groups about what happened. Then have them write down what they think happened. Discuss.