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Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#2527. Communication

, level: Middle
Posted Fri Mar 22 07:43:17 PST 2002 by Tandy Braid (
Page County Schools, Luray, Va
Materials Required: see below
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Communication

Middle School Curriculum-

Two Way Communication

Materials Needed- Listening Squares Hand out, chalkboard and chalk. Word find on

Play hangman with the word you've been working on Communication (13 ltrs)

Have students break up into groups of two. One to be the communicator the other the drawer.

Instructions- Study the series of squares below. Facing the group, without letting them see what
you have you are to direct the participants in how they are to draw the figures. Begin with the top
square and describe in succession, taking particular note of the relation of each to the preceding
one. Answer all questions from particpants and repeat if necessary.

Students will see clearly that two way communication is much easier. Have students do word