Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Language

#2529. Alphabetize Me

Language, level: Pre-School
Posted Sun Mar 30 22:45:04 PST 2008 by jasmine barreto (jasmine barreto).
Faith Lutheran Preschool, Whittier, USA
Materials Required: paper, 3 different images for every letter of the alphabet from magazines or the internet
Activity Time: varies
Concepts Taught: familiarize the alphabet

I am working with preschool children and my kids are learning their alphabet. I thought up of different ways of teaching the alphabet to the kids and came up with an activity to help them be more familiarized with the alphabet and to show that everything belongs to a letter. This activity is called Alphabetize Me. For the first part of this activity, I presented my kids with alphabet cards that i made myself. On one side of the card is the letter and on the other are three images that begin with that letter. The point of this is to show the kids that different things and objects belong to a letter. The second part of this activity is a game. For this game, I go through the alphabet one letter at a time. For each letter the kids have to try and think up of something that begins with that letter. For example, I would say something like "Alphabetize me letter A is for ____" and let the kids finish off the letter. Once the kids think up of something for letter A, i move on to the letter B and say the same thing "Alpbaetize me letter B is for ____" and so on and so forth. Once the class gets through the whole alphabet, i reward the kids. This activity as a whole helps familiarize the kids with the alphabet in a different way. The Alphabet cards shows the kids that everything belongs to a letter and the purpose of the game is to get the kids thinking of what objects or things belongs to what letter since everything belongs to a letter. If you decide to try this activity I hope you and your kids will enjoy this as much as my class did.