Grade: all
Subject: Geography

#2536. Landforms By Hand - For Elementary Grades

Geography, level: all
Posted Mon Apr 1 11:34:19 PST 2002 by Pam Gardner (
Concepts Taught: landforms

Landforms can be taught using your hand. With a closed fist...point out
the knuckles. The shorter ones are hills. The taller ones mountains. The
area between are valleys. Open your hand and look at the palm. The flat
palm makes the plains. The life lines/etc. are rivers that start at a
source and become tributaries that meet. They empty into the ocean...the
open area outside of your hand between the thumb and the index finger.
Looking at the have peninsulas...With straights and
bays..etc. You can use your imagination to form whatever ones you wish to
teach. The hand is a continent of its own. After teaching each concept,
we chant the names as we touch each part. Ex.: mountain, valley, mountain,
valley, hill, mesa (on my hand anyway)...continue with the inside of the
hand .... Review this daily for several days...they will remember.

With the second lesson, I would have the students bring a bar of
soap. They will make a continent which shows landforms. They will be able
to make them with popsicle sticks and tees by carving into the soap
itself. The softer the soap the easier it is to carve. However, at the
end of the lesson you will be placing them into water...(to float) and the
softer soaps will not withstand the erosion as well as the more sturdy
soaps...AWWW A new concept!!!! Makes your room smell great.