Grade: Middle
Subject: Geography

#2549. State Poster Fair

Geography, level: Middle
Posted Fri Apr 5 08:41:29 PST 2002 by Craig Epling (
Stonewall Jackson Middle School, Charleston, WV
Materials Required: colored pencils, internet, encyclopedias
Activity Time: Multiple days, fit as needed
Concepts Taught: Exploring states other than your own


This assignment is for multiple days so the teacher should plan accordingly. It is best to attempt this after an overview of the United States.

A map of the United States should be placed in the room with each state numbered. Using an overhead is a good idea for this since it is easy to enlarge for the students. Pieces of paper with numbers should be place in a container, each number corresponds to a state on the map. Students pick a number and that tells them which state they get. Students then must research information on their state. Using a computer lab or library is best at this point and students should be given 2 or 3 days for the research.

Each student is expected to follow the following rules for this assignment
1. Must be on poster board.
2. Must have the following information
a. hand drawn picture of state
b. Capital labeled plus 2 other cities and 3 points of interest
c. Major rivers and lakes
d. Size of state, population, birthday, motto
e. State bird, flower, etc. . .
f. Any other information the student feels is important.

3. Feel free to be creative.
4. Must do state you are assigned.
5. Must do a brief presentation in class.

Teacher can either do all presentations in one class or split it up over several days. After each presentation teacher or class can ask questions about each state. Grading is based on both poster and presentation.