Grade: all

#2556. The Study Game

Social Studies, level: all
Posted Thu Apr 11 06:52:30 PDT 2002 by Craig Epling (
Stonewall Jackson Middle School, Charleston, WV
Materials Required: Index Cards
Activity Time: 1 class. 45 minutes( approx.)
Concepts Taught: A fun Way for Test Review


This can be used for any subject at almost any grade level.

Give each student 1 index card. Students are to look through the material to be tested on and write down 3 questions that could be used for a test. The questions should be simple to answer. True/False, Multiple Choice, and Vocabulary are the easiest. Students should write down both question and answer as well as writing their name on the card.

Divide the class into 2 teams of equal students(ability,etc..). Call 2 up at a time, one from each team, and ask the question. The first student to raise their hand gets a chance to answer. A correct answer gets a point for the team. If the answer is incorrect the other player has a chance to guess. If the 2nd player misses then the question can be used later.
Call the next 2 players up and keep repeating the process until the class is over.

You can make the index cards worth a few points, I usually give 10, and the kids can get some easy credit. This can be fun, especially if you provide some kind of prize such as bonus points on the test or candy.