Grade: Elementary

#2557. Songs to Build Reading Skills

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Apr 18 02:29:58 PDT 2002 by Ruth Harris (
Songs for Teaching: Using Music to Promote Learning
Literacy Volunteer Connection,
Materials Required: Children's Music
Concepts Taught: Letter names & sounds, Phonemic Awareness, Word Families, Comprehension

Letter Names and Sounds
A, You're Adorable
Alphabet Soup -- Tom Chapin
Animal Alphabet Songs -- David Polansky
Bean Soup and Rice -- Ralph Covert
Flea Fly Flow Mosquito!
Knuckles Knees -- Jim Gill
Phonemic Awareness
Apples and Bananas
Boom Chicka Boom by Josh Ledbetter
Driving Here, Driving There -- Jim Gill
E, I, Addie Addie, O -- Tom Paxton
Gned the Gnu by Gary Rosen
Lunch -- Gemini
Michael Finnegan
The Name Game
State Laughs --Tom Chapin
Yes, No, Maybe -- Jim Gill
Word Families
Zag Zig -- Tom Chapin
Reading Comprehension
The Fox
The Ghost of Bleak House -- Tom Chapin
Honey for the Bears -- Ralph Covert
Jenny the Bubble Gum Queen -- Rosenshontz
The Missing Parade -- Tom Chapin
Mr. Stringbean -- Rosenshontz
One Shoe Bear -- Rosenshontz
Sing a Whale Song -- Tom Chapin